Friday, September 29, 2006

Shooting Weekend Upcoming

Here we are another Friday! Where the heck does the time go? That's OK, weekend time & the shoot schedule is full ! We have a Bowling Pin Match on Saturday & a 22 Hanging Plate Match on Sunday. Woooo Hooooo, it's going to be another FUN weekend.
received an EM from Ms. PegiT and she & Jere may be over from the mainland for the HPM. Be GOOD to see my shootin' partner again. Sure hated it when she said they were moving OFF Island, OH WELL. That means the HPM will have a 4 way shootout for the 3rd spot behind MrAL & MrC, who will undoubtedly take 1st & 2nd spots. So that leaves me, Ms RainyL, KeeWee & Pegit to battle it out for the (HONOR OF ) 3rd spot. Ought to be real fun.
Tomorrow, is the BPM and it's gonna be a real blast. I may be able to wreak a little vengeance on MrC in revolver class (finally, since I've gotten my Pin load spiffed up), although I know that "Evil" AL will more than likely be the front runner in that. You never know tho' it could be much different results wise than anyone could imagine. Anyone can be beaten on a given day when you consider all factors. They may have a BAD shooting day, and you could have a GOOD one.
Well, I'll post the reults on Monday. Right now it's time to get ready to paint the trim on the 'NEW' shed/workshop and get to work on my loading/workbench!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two Weeks of Enduring Effort!

Well, here we are post Island Intra-Club Challenge Match ! it was a real endeavor getting ready for this years match as our club hosted it. It rotates from club to club each year. I thought that I had everything all set and planned out! NOT So ! Al got a chronograph & we went out to the range & chroney'd our loads. OH, woe is me ! My plate loads were OK, but my bowling pin loads only had a power factor of @ 112 to 115 or so. No wonder my hits on the pins were somewhat on the order of WIMP CITY ! So I came home, had a few days of rain so no outside stuff, I broke down & reloaded @ 500 rnds of 38spl in 125g plate loads & 148g DEWCs for the pins. Loaded the pin ammo @ 5.0g of Unique with a 148g WC @1.440 oal. WORKS GREAT!

Saturday comes & we all get to range for the match, and I can tell, everyone is a little uptight. Not too bad but drawn. We, as hosts, were the last to shoot in the 1st event of pins. The Holmes Harbor guys were doing real good. I figured we wouldn't beat North Whidbey, but might have a chance to get HH. I was the 1st to from our club. Didn't miss a pin on the 1st three tables, no reloads. Not spectacular times, but OK. With three pretty good tables I figured that I could go for broke & try & speed it up some. DAMN! Missed a pin 2X & had to reload, OK, that's the throw away.
Next comes Lightening Boy Tony, who's definetly uptight! He blows through the tables & has to reload every one of them and ends up with @ a 12sec time. Then it just continues with reloads on each table & his average time is around eleven seconds. OH well.
Here comes "Speedy" MrC.! He'll blow the pins away & move us up some in time. WHOOOOPS, he miss's pins & reloads on the 1st table, the 2nd table the 3rd table & OHMAGAWD, the 4th one too. Ends up with lotsa time. AW POOOOOPERS !
Well, here comes Al. He'll do the J- O- B !~ Al pretty much shoots his normal way, but has a reload & we end up at the bottom of the stack in pins. Alrighty, we'll make it in steel( I HOPE)!

We get out on the pistol range & get started & HH guys are shootin' pretty damn good. OHGAWD! Then the NW team is up & they're "SMOKIN'" ! They posted some pretty good times.
OHSHIT, now I'm up ! Well, let's NOT lose it, and blow the whole thing. Posted some fair times & we all ended up doing much better in the 1st scenario. Only 3 sec's behind the leaders (NW) in this one & ahead of the guys from HH. YAAY ! ! ! I hope we can beat them!
Next scenario & NW takes it again with us only 5 sec's behind them & almost 10 sec's ahead of the HH guys ! WE BE DOIN" OK !
Last chance for redemption & low & behold, we come out less than 5sec's behind the NW guys & 10 sec's more ahead of the HH team ! YAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! ! !

The final tally puts US in 2nd place & HH team in 3rd ! WE BEAT "EM ! It wasn't a win, but at least we weren't SKUNKERS either. It was lotsa FUN ! Now we have a Steel Challenge Club Match tomorrow to get ready for, KOOOOOOOL !

Sunday morning, Al & I show up & get the Steel Plates & stuff set up & get everyone signed in & on & awaaaaaaay we go !
I shot 2nd to Al in rewvolver Open class & @ 6th in the 22rimfire class which is extremely competitive. Last time @ this I was next to last in a field of 12 or so, so I having finally gotten around to getting my Ruger 22/45 sighted felt like OK. Moved up, now to get some practice time & see if I can get closer to the front runners. That's what makes it soo much fun. Trying different things & working on technique & timing to better yourself as a shooter. One thing for sure folks, it's the most fun thing I know of to do.
I'd like to insert the tally sheet from the Club Match, but don't quite know how to cut & paste it from Excel to the blog, Oh Well.
That's the sum total of it folks !

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hanging Plate & Bowling Pin Matchs 9/2&9/3

Well hey folks,
I figured I better get some new "INFO" up, or you'd all think I went into 'retirement' from blogging too. I've been playing "Construction King" with a new storage shed & walkway along the side of it from the back gate to the driveway. I've had to take up @ 60sq." of grass & dig into the rocks & gravel to lay some cement pavers. Bigger job than I thought. It took me @ 8-9 days to build the 10'X10'X8' storage/workshop/reloading space, which was not too bad, but then for some unknown crazy reason I decided to do the walkway too ! Never start something without assessing what you have to move & get rid of 1st. I took down a 6'X8' tin shack that was @ 25yrs or more old & worthless. That was the easy part, then the layout & floor frame for the new one, and the rest went like 'GangBusters" ! Actually had fun doing it. Well, on to the real stuff now that I've let you in on why I've been less than communicative.

Yesterday, we had our Rimfire Hanging Plate match at Central Whidbey Range, and while there wasn't an overwhelming turnout, those of that did had fun! There were seven shooters in optical class and only three in ironsight. It was sort of anti-climactic when Al L. wasn't shooting per his 'normal SpeedDemon" style and let MrC, take the class with him second.

In the optic class things were a little different with the real battle for 2nd, 3rd & 4th places. MrC. once again cleaned us all out & took 1st place with Al L. 2nd, and WONDER of WONDERS, myself in 3rd place just one point ahead of Als wife Rainy. I'll probably NEVER hear the end of, "You beat me by ONE plate" , but IT was sweet! I have had so many sight problems with my Ruger 22/45 red dot sighted gun, I was almost ready to heave it over the berm & forget 22Rimfire. I put a NEW Leupold/Gilmore reddot (LG35-8moa dot) on it & it's changed my thinking. I immediately jumped 20 points in score & have yet to sight it in @ 25yds. I did sight it for PinTops (21') but hadn't found the time to get to the range & sight it @ the longer distance!~ WAS I "STOKED"!!!!! I couldn't believe how much better I did. Next, is the Bowling Pin & Pintops on Sunday.

Well, here I am back from the B/P Match & not feelin' all that bad at how I did. I shot in centerfire optic class, revolver, and of course the MrC.'s Specialty, "PINTOPS"!! In cenetrfire class MrC. 'dusted' me with his niner minie race gun & I just figured "OK SUKKA" there's more to go yet! In revolver class I again seemed to have a hard time finding the pins in the qualifier, and ended up shooting against the "Deadly" Dean guy. It was sorta close but I 'squeeeeeeked' past him to shoot again. In the end, it was "Lightening Boy" (Tony C.) & myself for winner take all. I plastered him on the 1st table, he plastered me on the 2nd one & then just barely squeeked by me for the #1 spot! It's OK, he's faster'n brownstuff & can reload like lightening. I don't feel bad being beaten by a 16yr old with good eyes & quick reflexs. I did make him work for the win though.
That's it for now fols, it was lotsa "FUN"!