Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Well gosh, been a bit since I've been here & just lotsa 'stuff' has been goin' on.
Most recent was the Hanging Plate Match ( See MrCompletleys writeup on how it's staged.), and our wonderous Bowling Pin Match. We started off with the qualifying tables for shoot order. I posted some really good times in iron sight class but just couldn't seem to hang it all together for the revolver class & ended up shooting late in the lineup. MrC & "Evil" AlL went off 1st & MrC took the 1st table. Then AlL bears down hard & dusts him on the next two, so that ended MrC's revolver shoot. I shot 1st against "Deadly" DeanH. and squeeked by him by a hair. Then I shot against ChrisC.( Father of the Lightening Kid, Tony), and got by him fairly easily because he's new to revolver shooting. That put me up against AlL., and we all know the outcome of that, I took a humble 2nd but don't feel all that bad about it.
Next we shot Iron sight class & Ist right out of the box I go up against BillB. shooting his 45 auto. Normally he shoots a 586 like myself, but then he wanted an advantage this time. He dusted me in no time at all & then went on to take the match by beating all in the I/S class. He felt real GOOD ! Then there was the Optic Class which I didn't shoot in & I believe AlL also took that. Althouh his Grandson Derrick (13yrs) was giving everyone a run for their $$$ shooting Ms Rainys new 9mm-s/a with a red dot. He even beat grandmom.
Then we got down to brass tacks & started the Rimfire Pintops. MrC & JimP. went at it tooth & nail & Mr Jim took the I/S class. Then we started into the Optics class & again, little Derrick was whuppin' buns. He beat Grandmom, GrandDad & me to end up goin' off with MrC who had a run for his money but squeeked past him to take the class.
That's about the size of it folks. We have a "Rendezvous" coming up on the 18th, 19th & 20th with a Rifle Match @ 200yds this weekend. I won't be shootin' no Iron Sight Rifle in THAT one. Not even my scope sighted CZ in 22lr. Sooooooooooo, I'll just work 0on my new storage shed I'm building & get myself psyched up for the next Steel Challenge & Bowling Pin matchs
That's all folks.