Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weekend Matchs

Well, here it is Tuesday & I'm finally recovered from a hellacious weekend. I didn't get to go to the HHGC "Carnival Match" on saturday due to the fact that my allergies were bouncing me off the walls bigtime.

But Sunday, it was a different story. Al & Rainy and myself got to the range @ 8am, it was overcast, but the weather wizards said it would not rain & probably clear up by noontime. Surprise, surprise, for once they were pretty accurate.

We set up two scenarios consisting of a left to right. 4 plates 10" and a 12" stop plate, equally spaced, but receding by about 5 yards between plates. It was pretty active & fast to shoot. The other scenario was the "Speed Shoot" ! It was 4 plates with a center stop plate all at the same distance with two plates on either side of the stop plate. Several people shot sub 3 sec times and a couple of the rimfire gtuys & one, maybe two of the semi-auto centerfire guys were sub 2 sec. times. Phenomenal. Couldn't believe it.

I get to run the matchs most of the time so I get a birds eye view of how well some people can do. "Evil" Al is really a 'quick-time' shooter. Most of his times were in the 3 second bracket with his slowest on this onew @ 4.21 secs, and his fastest at @ 2.29 sec's! Blew me out !!! I shoot about twice that time, although some of my times were just over 4 sec's. I was having a problem with my optic sighted revolver mis-firing. I thought I might be short stroking the trigger, but found that not to be so. I took it up on the pin range & found that my mainspring trigger tension screw had backed out some. I tightened it back up a 1/4 turn & had no more problems with it. And when I got home & cleaned it, the tensioner got some locktite applied. That way it won't do it again. My first turn @ shooting turned out to be a real disaster, thank God we throw out the longest time. I think with the 3 reloads I had on that run, I was around 17 - 18 seconds. Made the remark to Al that wasn't a very good start. But, I got the problem corrected and ended up doing pretty well in the other scenarios.

The 3rd scenario that we shot was another real "SPEED SHOOT" ! There were 5 plates, arranged in a diamond pattern with the stop plate at top, in the back. The #1 plate was @ 18" off the ground, with a 2nd & 3rd to the right & left being just above it, then another to the left @ 18" to 24" and just above the lower left plate, and the stop plate directly behind plate #1, but about 4' higher. So, you got to work your way from front to back, and upwards. I chose to start @ the right center plate & work my way from right to left in a circle. I think I posted my best times with that strategy. Anyway, it seemed to "work for me." All in all, i didn't do too bad, I ended up taking 2nd spot behind Mr Al in both revolver class's.

This coming weekend, we have a rifle, R/F & C/F match that I'll get to host. No excitement there in shootin' paper at a 100yds, but good practice. Then on Sunday, we have MrC's favorite match. 22Rimfire Hanging Steel Plate, and I know he'll be just gleeful again if "BadAss" TomS doesn't show for it.

Well, that's it for the moment ! Everyone who cares for "BofR", get out & exercise your "Right to Keep and Bear Arms", and have a lot of fun in cranking off those rounds! Think of the "Far Left Progressive Liberals" when you do so. It sharpens your aim !



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like some seriously fast times! Just as well I went fishing!

Can't wait for the hanging plates.....

.....Mr. C.

12:25 PM  
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