Friday, June 02, 2006

Steel Challenge

Well here we are post Memorial Day Steel Challenge. It was a great day for shooting, and we had a pretty good turn out at CWSA. The match was held on the pistol range and we shot 3 scenarios as setup by Al (EVIL AL, as Mr Completely says) and myself. I'm just the goat & Al is the brains behind the scenario layout. There were probably 16 to 18 particpants in Centerfire Optical & Iron Sight class's and 6 to 8 in the Revolver Optic & Iron sight class's. Then there were the Rimfire guys where it was justa gang of 'em. That's MrCompletleys Class. Usually Optic & Iron Sights , but only in Optics for this match.

We each had 5 runs of 5 targets. In revolver class ( I shoot both revolver class's) , you only have 6 rounds & in Centerfire the S'Auto guys have a magazine of whatever capacity. You shoot the 5 runs, then the loooooongest timed run is discarded, and your time is totaled for that particular event. You then proceed to the next scene and do it all over again with a different target setup! Lotsa FUN ! At our range, due to space limitations, after everyone has fired the 2 scenarios, we break, and setup a 3rd one and everyone goes on to shoot that one. Some of shooters had quite a time incorporating the move from one shoot box to the next in this particular event. It's kinda easy to get your mindset on, and then when the timer goes off, everything you're thinking about goes out the window & you blow one run or another. I know I forgot to catch the 'ping' on the 2nd target in this event, and had to back up to the #1 spot & hit it again. Ended up with about a 17 second dance time on that one. But Mr Completely took the prize for the most exotic dance of the day. It was pretty hilarious to see him dancing back & forth & trying to empty his gun simultaneously.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we have one of our infamous "Bowling Pin Matchs". 'Evil' AL won't be with us so I get to play match co-ordinator for the day! I'll post the outcome of it as as I can, but social obligations &" gunstuff" always have to come first. And then on the 11th of June, we have another "Steel Challenge" Match. So it should be quite a festive event again.

Well, enough of the rambling, it's late & I have a BIG day tomorrow at the club range.


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