Monday, June 26, 2006

Matchs on 6/17, 6/18 & 6/25 Bowling Pin

Gosh, I guess better late than never. Had some pressing personal issues to deal with. Sure would rather just 'play shoot' than to deal with some of those people that you hate to even think of ! What it was, was the Lawyer Fella for the settlement of my Moms estate. She passed away in Dec. of '04, and we're still hasslin' out the division of her personal property & Estate Trust. Sooooooon, it'll be all over & I won't need to even let 'poooooop' cross my mind ever again.

As for the Matchs: on the 17th we had a 100yd centerfire & then rimfire rifle match. I used my AR15 with a 4x12 scope on it & had one heck of a time trying to shoot that sucka offhand. Off the bench, not a problem, out of 7-8 shooters I think I was 3rd, which is ok, but not really !
In the rimfire match, there were just 3 of us, the other 2 shooters beat the pants off of me B/R. I think one of my targets was a 95, and the 2nd was 99 out of a possible 100, with 5X's. On the Offhand targets, I 'wupped their buns' bigtime ! On the 1st target I scored an 82 & I think they each scored in the 50's & 60's. On the 2nd o/h target I again scored an 82 with the other 2 shooting again in the high 40s in one case & the low 60's in the other. So I think I ended up with an overall score of 348- 7X. Better than I had w=expected. FUN!

On the 18th, we had our Rimfire Hanging Steel Plate Match. Had a real good turnout with about 18-20 shooters in the 2 classes, Optic & Iron sight. There I was, runnin' around trying to get it all set up & ready to go and 'EvilAl & Ms. Rainy' show up to lend a hand. I didn't expect anyone at that time. All went well, with MrC taking the Optic class & AlL the ironsighters category.
Here I am still shootin' that damn Ruger with a Tru-Glo reddot that I never got there to sight it in properly but figured "OH Well, I'll just shoot it as is." Point of Impact was about 5-6"s low and right of the point of aim. I thought I could hold off enuff to get a few hits, and that was what it was!!! I came in dead last, but had a lot of fun anyway.

Then this past Sunday, we had our usual pinshoot. I ran the time tables for the 3 classes, I/S, O/S & revolver any sights ! I shoot a 357S&W 586 with a Leupold/Gilmore red dot. during my time tables I thought my ammo was being just a hair wimpy, but figured that's just me today. Well, I beat one shooter, then shot against the "Lightning Kid", TonyC. I beat him with his 45 revolver pretty much hands down, and then turned right around & shot off with him again, with his 686 38spl. I took the 1st table & then TonyC took the 2nd, by a hair. We then had a shootoff, and I'm layin' the pins down on the table & wondering, "What the HELL am I doin'"! Lost, no biggeeeee, there's the next one where retribution is a b----h!
Then today, I'm talkin' on the 'phone to "EvilAl" , and he menbtions that his crimp on his plate ammo was not enough. That set me to thinking about how had I crimped my Pin Ammo. I went & pulled it outta the drybox, and found @ 400 rounds with virtually NO crimp! And I'm wondering about wimpy hits & light feelin' recoil!!!! I reset my crimp die & ran all 400 rounds through it. Packed up the gunstuff & headed out to the range. Hit them pins & they went into the dirt like virtual Gangbusters !!!! Lesson learned, CHECK, DoubleCheck, and then Check'em again! I had run that 400rnds with my steelplate lite crimp, no recoil 125gr target loads! You can just imagine my self-cursing when I realized just what.

All 'n all, it was a good time, had to leave early for a barbie party, but eating is almost as good as shooting. Enjoy that time you have doin' what you love to do, cuz it's never gonna come back to do again!



Blogger Mr. Completely said...

Great post! Not being a reloader, it never dawned on me the effect of the crimp versus pressure build-up, but it sure makes sense to me now. Maybe those loads we tried will be OK with more crimp. They sure did seen to be weak, kinda like throwing marshmellows at the pins.....

........Mr. C.

10:52 PM  
Blogger keewee said...

Yep, it was a fun day.

6:36 AM  

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