Sunday, June 04, 2006

CWSA PinMatch

We had a really GOOD day for a pinmatch, weather was partly cloudy, warm (mid 50's@ 8:am) and lotsa good help getting the match setup. MrCompletely & KeeWee came early, as did BillB and TonyC and our venerable senior MrDeadly DeanH, to give me a hand. Let me say a Great Thanks for everyone helping out !

There wasn't an overwhelming turnout, but those that did had a good time. We always start with the centerfire qualifyer time tables & work on through to the revolver class. Surprise, surprise, Mr Completely brought his left-handed, walnut grippped Taurus M66 that he shoots single action. Very self-deprecating fella, but look out, he is as fast as a Cobra in the grass with that thing. And he shoots +P 38's that are loud enough to scare the P---P outta you when he lights it off. Hurts my teeth & ears every time he fires.

One of our better shooters, DennisS took 1st in the centerfire class, but he had to work for it. He shoots both 45 & 9mm, so he was pretty much guarenteed either a 1st or second, but almost took both. His daughter, Andrea showed up for the 1st time this year & was in pretty good form for not doing a lot of shooting.

In the revolver class, I posted the fastest qualifier, with Mr Completely right behind me. So that meant we would be the 1st shoot off. I won the 1st table, the 2nd was a tie, and he won the 3rd by a hair. Due to a misread of the setup, we stopped there, but should have shot one more table to decide the winner. But........ didn't come off that way & it wasn't discovered until BillB and MrC were on their 2nd shootoff table. It wouldn't have been fair to anyone to go back & redo MrC and myself, so we let it ride. There will be another day, and MrC, be prepped my friend, I'm out to knock ya off.

We all had a really good time, and when it came down to the rimfire pintops, Miss Keewee dusted me right off the block. Seems my Tru-Glo I've mounted on my Ruger 22/45, to me has a dot(?) that looks like a figure eight laying down on it's side. A couple other shooters took a look, but said it was OK. I think I may need to get my eyes checked, because it seems a little weird to me. Although MrC says he can't se s--t, beyond 6', I kinda wonder at that as he knocks pins off like GangBusters. It's in good fun & that's what it's all about. HAVING a GOOD time & enjoying the company of like-minded people.

So, be aware MrC, I'm going to get in some practice time & be laying in wait to take back some pins!

Our next match is another Steel Challenge, that's on Sunday the 11th of June. There's no way of getting in practice for that except to shoot paper plates on the target boards on the pistol range. I'll be out there, and have modified my Blade-Tech holster to accept my Optic sighted 586, so I won't be getting penalized for not drawing from a holster. WoooooooHooooooooo



Blogger Mr. Completely said...

Hilarious post! We had a good time, by golly! Just be thankful I left the Model 29 .44 Magnum at home. THAT would probably knock the fillings clear out of your teeth, not just make 'em hurt!

Thanks for running a great match!

1:21 PM  
Blogger keewee said...

We all had a great day. Love your *way with words* going to have the computer wiz (not me) put you on my blogroll.

1:42 PM  
Blogger GunnNutt said...

Hey Cuz! I'd almost given up on you ever taking a vacation from your vacation and getting back to this blog ;)

You and Mr.C are going to be loads of fun to follow even if it's from 3000 miles away.

4:25 PM  
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