Friday, June 09, 2006

Carnival Match @ Holmes Harbor

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Friday night & I'm finally ready for the weekend matchs. Tomorrow, Saturday, "Evil Al" and I are going to HHGC on the South end of the Island for their Carnival(?) shoot.

What it consists of is 5 events that are a 25yd Dart Board, centerfire pistol, a 15yd Poker Hand (any gun/sights), a 25yd Wheel of Fortune (spinning)22rf, a 15yd speed shoot cf pistol, any sights & a 25yd sliding down a cable 22rf target shoot. Sounds like fun huh? Everytime I go there & compete, I come away with the thought that "I didn't bring the right gun/sight/ammo combination" to even compete with this group of Bullseye style shooters. I don't do bad, 4th-5th sometimes but........................ They're tough competitors. And, you don't get to be a better shooter if you don't shoot against guys that can outshoot you in all modes ! I AM READY ! I just would like to at least place tomorrow.

Then on Sunday, "Evil Al" and myself will host the Steel Challenge Match @ CWSA. I know that's going to be a fun time. I told TonyC to be ready, because I've adapted my holster to fit both my iron sighted 586 & my Optic sighted 586. I'm ready to beat him with a NO PENALTY for NO Holster Draw in the optic class. Last time I won the I/S class but it wasn't much fun because I was 10sec's faster than the #2 shooter. Nice, but not real exciting ! I like it when I have to really work for it.

MrC & the KeeeWeeee tell me their going off to go fishing this weekend, so I won't get to wreak REVENGE on him with his lefthanded, woodgripped giantkillin' 38sooperhotload Taurus. But it'll come around ! I'll be 'gunnin'' for him @ the next pinmatch. Maybe I can even talk him into draggin out his M29 in 44Mag for a real shootoff !

Well, enough for the moment. I'll post results of tomorrows match & the Sunday Steel challenge when they're done. Off to the Boobytube time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do I suspect I'm going to get clobbered in revolver class at the next pin shoot? If I had a red dot on my Model 29 .44 I'd shoot it, but Al would throw me off the range for exploding the pins.....

.....Mr. C.

Where's the reports on the Carnival and the steel match? How'd it go?

11:01 AM  

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