Monday, June 26, 2006

Matchs on 6/17, 6/18 & 6/25 Bowling Pin

Gosh, I guess better late than never. Had some pressing personal issues to deal with. Sure would rather just 'play shoot' than to deal with some of those people that you hate to even think of ! What it was, was the Lawyer Fella for the settlement of my Moms estate. She passed away in Dec. of '04, and we're still hasslin' out the division of her personal property & Estate Trust. Sooooooon, it'll be all over & I won't need to even let 'poooooop' cross my mind ever again.

As for the Matchs: on the 17th we had a 100yd centerfire & then rimfire rifle match. I used my AR15 with a 4x12 scope on it & had one heck of a time trying to shoot that sucka offhand. Off the bench, not a problem, out of 7-8 shooters I think I was 3rd, which is ok, but not really !
In the rimfire match, there were just 3 of us, the other 2 shooters beat the pants off of me B/R. I think one of my targets was a 95, and the 2nd was 99 out of a possible 100, with 5X's. On the Offhand targets, I 'wupped their buns' bigtime ! On the 1st target I scored an 82 & I think they each scored in the 50's & 60's. On the 2nd o/h target I again scored an 82 with the other 2 shooting again in the high 40s in one case & the low 60's in the other. So I think I ended up with an overall score of 348- 7X. Better than I had w=expected. FUN!

On the 18th, we had our Rimfire Hanging Steel Plate Match. Had a real good turnout with about 18-20 shooters in the 2 classes, Optic & Iron sight. There I was, runnin' around trying to get it all set up & ready to go and 'EvilAl & Ms. Rainy' show up to lend a hand. I didn't expect anyone at that time. All went well, with MrC taking the Optic class & AlL the ironsighters category.
Here I am still shootin' that damn Ruger with a Tru-Glo reddot that I never got there to sight it in properly but figured "OH Well, I'll just shoot it as is." Point of Impact was about 5-6"s low and right of the point of aim. I thought I could hold off enuff to get a few hits, and that was what it was!!! I came in dead last, but had a lot of fun anyway.

Then this past Sunday, we had our usual pinshoot. I ran the time tables for the 3 classes, I/S, O/S & revolver any sights ! I shoot a 357S&W 586 with a Leupold/Gilmore red dot. during my time tables I thought my ammo was being just a hair wimpy, but figured that's just me today. Well, I beat one shooter, then shot against the "Lightning Kid", TonyC. I beat him with his 45 revolver pretty much hands down, and then turned right around & shot off with him again, with his 686 38spl. I took the 1st table & then TonyC took the 2nd, by a hair. We then had a shootoff, and I'm layin' the pins down on the table & wondering, "What the HELL am I doin'"! Lost, no biggeeeee, there's the next one where retribution is a b----h!
Then today, I'm talkin' on the 'phone to "EvilAl" , and he menbtions that his crimp on his plate ammo was not enough. That set me to thinking about how had I crimped my Pin Ammo. I went & pulled it outta the drybox, and found @ 400 rounds with virtually NO crimp! And I'm wondering about wimpy hits & light feelin' recoil!!!! I reset my crimp die & ran all 400 rounds through it. Packed up the gunstuff & headed out to the range. Hit them pins & they went into the dirt like virtual Gangbusters !!!! Lesson learned, CHECK, DoubleCheck, and then Check'em again! I had run that 400rnds with my steelplate lite crimp, no recoil 125gr target loads! You can just imagine my self-cursing when I realized just what.

All 'n all, it was a good time, had to leave early for a barbie party, but eating is almost as good as shooting. Enjoy that time you have doin' what you love to do, cuz it's never gonna come back to do again!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weekend Matchs

Well, here it is Tuesday & I'm finally recovered from a hellacious weekend. I didn't get to go to the HHGC "Carnival Match" on saturday due to the fact that my allergies were bouncing me off the walls bigtime.

But Sunday, it was a different story. Al & Rainy and myself got to the range @ 8am, it was overcast, but the weather wizards said it would not rain & probably clear up by noontime. Surprise, surprise, for once they were pretty accurate.

We set up two scenarios consisting of a left to right. 4 plates 10" and a 12" stop plate, equally spaced, but receding by about 5 yards between plates. It was pretty active & fast to shoot. The other scenario was the "Speed Shoot" ! It was 4 plates with a center stop plate all at the same distance with two plates on either side of the stop plate. Several people shot sub 3 sec times and a couple of the rimfire gtuys & one, maybe two of the semi-auto centerfire guys were sub 2 sec. times. Phenomenal. Couldn't believe it.

I get to run the matchs most of the time so I get a birds eye view of how well some people can do. "Evil" Al is really a 'quick-time' shooter. Most of his times were in the 3 second bracket with his slowest on this onew @ 4.21 secs, and his fastest at @ 2.29 sec's! Blew me out !!! I shoot about twice that time, although some of my times were just over 4 sec's. I was having a problem with my optic sighted revolver mis-firing. I thought I might be short stroking the trigger, but found that not to be so. I took it up on the pin range & found that my mainspring trigger tension screw had backed out some. I tightened it back up a 1/4 turn & had no more problems with it. And when I got home & cleaned it, the tensioner got some locktite applied. That way it won't do it again. My first turn @ shooting turned out to be a real disaster, thank God we throw out the longest time. I think with the 3 reloads I had on that run, I was around 17 - 18 seconds. Made the remark to Al that wasn't a very good start. But, I got the problem corrected and ended up doing pretty well in the other scenarios.

The 3rd scenario that we shot was another real "SPEED SHOOT" ! There were 5 plates, arranged in a diamond pattern with the stop plate at top, in the back. The #1 plate was @ 18" off the ground, with a 2nd & 3rd to the right & left being just above it, then another to the left @ 18" to 24" and just above the lower left plate, and the stop plate directly behind plate #1, but about 4' higher. So, you got to work your way from front to back, and upwards. I chose to start @ the right center plate & work my way from right to left in a circle. I think I posted my best times with that strategy. Anyway, it seemed to "work for me." All in all, i didn't do too bad, I ended up taking 2nd spot behind Mr Al in both revolver class's.

This coming weekend, we have a rifle, R/F & C/F match that I'll get to host. No excitement there in shootin' paper at a 100yds, but good practice. Then on Sunday, we have MrC's favorite match. 22Rimfire Hanging Steel Plate, and I know he'll be just gleeful again if "BadAss" TomS doesn't show for it.

Well, that's it for the moment ! Everyone who cares for "BofR", get out & exercise your "Right to Keep and Bear Arms", and have a lot of fun in cranking off those rounds! Think of the "Far Left Progressive Liberals" when you do so. It sharpens your aim !


Friday, June 09, 2006

Carnival Match @ Holmes Harbor

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Friday night & I'm finally ready for the weekend matchs. Tomorrow, Saturday, "Evil Al" and I are going to HHGC on the South end of the Island for their Carnival(?) shoot.

What it consists of is 5 events that are a 25yd Dart Board, centerfire pistol, a 15yd Poker Hand (any gun/sights), a 25yd Wheel of Fortune (spinning)22rf, a 15yd speed shoot cf pistol, any sights & a 25yd sliding down a cable 22rf target shoot. Sounds like fun huh? Everytime I go there & compete, I come away with the thought that "I didn't bring the right gun/sight/ammo combination" to even compete with this group of Bullseye style shooters. I don't do bad, 4th-5th sometimes but........................ They're tough competitors. And, you don't get to be a better shooter if you don't shoot against guys that can outshoot you in all modes ! I AM READY ! I just would like to at least place tomorrow.

Then on Sunday, "Evil Al" and myself will host the Steel Challenge Match @ CWSA. I know that's going to be a fun time. I told TonyC to be ready, because I've adapted my holster to fit both my iron sighted 586 & my Optic sighted 586. I'm ready to beat him with a NO PENALTY for NO Holster Draw in the optic class. Last time I won the I/S class but it wasn't much fun because I was 10sec's faster than the #2 shooter. Nice, but not real exciting ! I like it when I have to really work for it.

MrC & the KeeeWeeee tell me their going off to go fishing this weekend, so I won't get to wreak REVENGE on him with his lefthanded, woodgripped giantkillin' 38sooperhotload Taurus. But it'll come around ! I'll be 'gunnin'' for him @ the next pinmatch. Maybe I can even talk him into draggin out his M29 in 44Mag for a real shootoff !

Well, enough for the moment. I'll post results of tomorrows match & the Sunday Steel challenge when they're done. Off to the Boobytube time.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

CWSA PinMatch

We had a really GOOD day for a pinmatch, weather was partly cloudy, warm (mid 50's@ 8:am) and lotsa good help getting the match setup. MrCompletely & KeeWee came early, as did BillB and TonyC and our venerable senior MrDeadly DeanH, to give me a hand. Let me say a Great Thanks for everyone helping out !

There wasn't an overwhelming turnout, but those that did had a good time. We always start with the centerfire qualifyer time tables & work on through to the revolver class. Surprise, surprise, Mr Completely brought his left-handed, walnut grippped Taurus M66 that he shoots single action. Very self-deprecating fella, but look out, he is as fast as a Cobra in the grass with that thing. And he shoots +P 38's that are loud enough to scare the P---P outta you when he lights it off. Hurts my teeth & ears every time he fires.

One of our better shooters, DennisS took 1st in the centerfire class, but he had to work for it. He shoots both 45 & 9mm, so he was pretty much guarenteed either a 1st or second, but almost took both. His daughter, Andrea showed up for the 1st time this year & was in pretty good form for not doing a lot of shooting.

In the revolver class, I posted the fastest qualifier, with Mr Completely right behind me. So that meant we would be the 1st shoot off. I won the 1st table, the 2nd was a tie, and he won the 3rd by a hair. Due to a misread of the setup, we stopped there, but should have shot one more table to decide the winner. But........ didn't come off that way & it wasn't discovered until BillB and MrC were on their 2nd shootoff table. It wouldn't have been fair to anyone to go back & redo MrC and myself, so we let it ride. There will be another day, and MrC, be prepped my friend, I'm out to knock ya off.

We all had a really good time, and when it came down to the rimfire pintops, Miss Keewee dusted me right off the block. Seems my Tru-Glo I've mounted on my Ruger 22/45, to me has a dot(?) that looks like a figure eight laying down on it's side. A couple other shooters took a look, but said it was OK. I think I may need to get my eyes checked, because it seems a little weird to me. Although MrC says he can't se s--t, beyond 6', I kinda wonder at that as he knocks pins off like GangBusters. It's in good fun & that's what it's all about. HAVING a GOOD time & enjoying the company of like-minded people.

So, be aware MrC, I'm going to get in some practice time & be laying in wait to take back some pins!

Our next match is another Steel Challenge, that's on Sunday the 11th of June. There's no way of getting in practice for that except to shoot paper plates on the target boards on the pistol range. I'll be out there, and have modified my Blade-Tech holster to accept my Optic sighted 586, so I won't be getting penalized for not drawing from a holster. WoooooooHooooooooo


Friday, June 02, 2006

Steel Challenge

Well here we are post Memorial Day Steel Challenge. It was a great day for shooting, and we had a pretty good turn out at CWSA. The match was held on the pistol range and we shot 3 scenarios as setup by Al (EVIL AL, as Mr Completely says) and myself. I'm just the goat & Al is the brains behind the scenario layout. There were probably 16 to 18 particpants in Centerfire Optical & Iron Sight class's and 6 to 8 in the Revolver Optic & Iron sight class's. Then there were the Rimfire guys where it was justa gang of 'em. That's MrCompletleys Class. Usually Optic & Iron Sights , but only in Optics for this match.

We each had 5 runs of 5 targets. In revolver class ( I shoot both revolver class's) , you only have 6 rounds & in Centerfire the S'Auto guys have a magazine of whatever capacity. You shoot the 5 runs, then the loooooongest timed run is discarded, and your time is totaled for that particular event. You then proceed to the next scene and do it all over again with a different target setup! Lotsa FUN ! At our range, due to space limitations, after everyone has fired the 2 scenarios, we break, and setup a 3rd one and everyone goes on to shoot that one. Some of shooters had quite a time incorporating the move from one shoot box to the next in this particular event. It's kinda easy to get your mindset on, and then when the timer goes off, everything you're thinking about goes out the window & you blow one run or another. I know I forgot to catch the 'ping' on the 2nd target in this event, and had to back up to the #1 spot & hit it again. Ended up with about a 17 second dance time on that one. But Mr Completely took the prize for the most exotic dance of the day. It was pretty hilarious to see him dancing back & forth & trying to empty his gun simultaneously.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we have one of our infamous "Bowling Pin Matchs". 'Evil' AL won't be with us so I get to play match co-ordinator for the day! I'll post the outcome of it as as I can, but social obligations &" gunstuff" always have to come first. And then on the 11th of June, we have another "Steel Challenge" Match. So it should be quite a festive event again.

Well, enough of the rambling, it's late & I have a BIG day tomorrow at the club range.