Thursday, January 13, 2011

Match Results

Rifle Match Results
Remington 700 performance

Well, here I am finally! After the Holidays/minor surgery/drug reaction, I'm able to sit down & get to the chore of keying up my results.

It may well be that my new 700 & ammo loads are more accurate than this tired eyes shooter. Although I will say I am really pleased with how well I did do at our clubs final rifle match for 2010.

I had a friend expert rifleshooter BK, give some really handy pointers on loading for accuracy with a rifle. I thought I could just bang out reloads and that would be enough. Boy, did I find that to be all wrong. Now I understand why my 223 rnds were inaccurate! That, I'll make another post on. Rifle and pistol reloading are similar, but really different!!!

I prepped for a week before the match by going out every day for practice on my Benchrest technique (OUCH, was I baaaaad, or what?), learned quite a bit about that also!

On the day of the match, we all showed up early (0830), and secured a spot that was available. We had 12 shooters for the match and 2/3 observers.
Out of the 12, I was real lucky and shot a 387*18x which placed me 4th overall, which I found to be outstanding being I had not shot a rifle match in over a year. The scores were as follows:

1. 400*23x , 2. 396*20x , 3.396*16x , 4 .387*18x , 5. 387*11x , 6. 383*12x , 7. 383*7x

8. 382*10x , 9. 379*15x , 10. 372*4x , 11. 363*4x , 12. 297*1x .

I've not included names to protect the innocent ! A good time was had by all and it was a very enjoyable day at the range, especially for me.

This is one of 4 targets shot at the match.

'Nuff for now,


Friday, August 06, 2010

Time Runs on!

Well, here we are! First week of August & I wonder where all the time has gone. Summer(?) is all but over & it doesn't seem like we've really had any. Did get some stuff taken care of, along with having my G'Son come to visit.

We had a great time, going out to the Range & shooting. Took him to meet MrCompletely & KiWi, and to get some pointers on the fine art of 22 Pis
tol shooting. He took to it like a Duck to water. I'm sure he had a good time here on Whidbey and enjoyed participating in one of our Speed Steel matchs.

I had hoped to get my 'NEW' rifle while he was here, but it didn't happen. I have since recieved it, taken it out to the Range & started break-in & sight-in with it. It's amazing for a commercial firearm. I've always leaned toward Military Collectibles & this is my 1st commercial centerfire rifle. And SO FAR, I am quite pleased with it. Have it sig
hted @ 200yds and am looking forward to getting a handload worked up for it.

I put a Weaver Scope on it & an HS Precision stock along with a Bi-Pod and expect to be able to compete in our Rifle Matchs with it. I've a 223 Savage that I've been competing with, but in a X wind 55gr bullets just don't get it. I would like to see some scores in the 390's or so. The best I've done with the 223 is in the 375/380 range. NOT what I want.

So there you are folks, been competing in some of the Steel & Bowling Pin Matchs recently. Took 1st place in one B/P & 2nd in another. Gotten my Speed Steel time down to110sec,'s which pleases me. So I guess I can't whine about my wrist being a drag on my shooting abilities any longer. I'll just have to take my lumps when I have a bad day & say, "Well, dangit, I'll do better next time"!

That's about it for the present. I need to get to work out in the yard & get my garden spot ready for next year.

'Nuff for the moment.................................


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Blog will be on on hold/vacation while I update my yard & home. The only things I'm doing at present are yard work & home maintenance projects which I'm sure is not all that interesting to most everyone.
I'll update this when I get active in recreational activities once more. I am anticipating the purchase of a "NEW" rifle, which will be a 308 cal bolt gun. Then I'll probably blog on shooting.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Journey's Drawing to a Close

Well, here it is the last days of January. I was prepared to leave & head South to Arkansas where my son lives, but Mother Nature decided to play the SNOW/SLEET/ICE Storm game & left me at my Daughters in Wisconsin for about an additional week.

Here I am all packed & ready to roll with no ability to navigate on ice. I called my son & he said they had gotten 10" of snow with an underlayment of @ .5 to1.5" of ice under it. NO Thanks, don't want to have to try & deal with that kind of stuff, so I'll just hang out & wait 'til next Friday to head down that way.

After I get there & stay for a few days, I'll have to head out for home. I have a couple of Dr's apps in mid month & have to make them. I want to not have to take anymore of these darn drugs they put you on after Angioplasty. Gets real tiresome, besides being pretty expensive. I don't want to support BigPharma any longer than necessary.

The way the weather looks across the country I'll probably have to head West into the great Golden State of CA. Really don't like even travelling through there although I'm a Native Son. The place is just NOT like it was when I grew up there & spent most of my adult life. They don't seem to like people who believe in the Constitution & especially the 2nd Amendment! Like the guys song on YouTube says, "I LOVE GUNS"!!! And I don't like it when they tell me, "You can't have that!" It's got more than 10 rnds capacity & it looks "EVIL"!!!

Actually I'm kind of lookingt forward to getting back home to Whidbey Isle. Sort of miss the quiet & solitude of the rural atmosphere there. All the hustle & bustle of living in & close to a larger town somewhat wears me down.

I guess that's my story for the present, I'll be posting next from either my sons or from home.
'Nuff for now....................................


Friday, January 01, 2010

Hey All,

Well, been here at my kids for a couple months now, just really getting in the groove of the shovelling the snow thing. Seriously, my Son-in-Law has a snowblower but theres still some hand work that needs be done. It's not bad except when the wind is blowing @10-15mph & the temp is around 10/12 F. But I guess you can get used to anything. Can't wait to get headed South to my Sons. It'll at least be in the 30's there.
Here it is the 1st day of 2010, WOW!!!! Surprise, surprise! It has been a rather personally rewarding year for me, much better than I had anticipated. Healthwise I'm right up there on par with all those people that take health & fitness seriously. I walk @ 3-5 miles per day, and work out here at the local fitness center in Elkhorn, WI.@1-1/2hrs three times a week. Really enjoy it.
Although I can say I'm looking forward to get back home to Whidbey Isle. Paradise awaits!!! It's been a good trip & great visit here @ my kids, but I'm also looking to see the others too. I'm watching the weather prediction for the next month real closely. I'm NOT too keen on being stranded on the road in Illinois, 'specially with the cargo I've got in my van. All I'd need would be to get pulled over with an arsenal in the car by some Ill State Representative of the Law. I'm not sure how they'd react to someone from a state that doesn't restrict peoples firearms choices.
Well, enough for the present, I'll probably blog some again before I head off to Arkansas.


Monday, October 12, 2009



Day One.
Well, here it is, departure day is upon me. Hope I've done all I should before leaving, but I'm sure I'll find something missing when I arrive at my daughters. But you always hope for the best.
Left home just before 4:00am headed to the Clinton/Mukulteo Ferry landing. Arrived just as the 4:40am ferry was pulling out, and thought what took so long for me to get here. Oh Well, the 5:10 is just a few minutes away. And sure enough, about 10min's later it was pulling in to the ferry slip. We got loaded up and departed Whidbey Island right on time. About 20min's or so later, we arrived on the mainland & I headed down the 405 to head East on the 90.
Things went along very smoothly and I passed through Spokane & Couer de Alene by noon headed on toward Bozeman Montana. Arrived in Bozeman about 5:15pmMDST and decided I had had enough for the 1st day. Stopped, got a motel room, fed & watered GunR, took him out to take care of business, climbed in the van & headed for a resteraunt. Had a fair dinner, and then headed back to good old Motel6 and got ready for bed & crashed. Thought I would Blog my 1st day, check the weather ahead, and then retire for the nite. UhOh, no wireless modem in the bag, DANG! Went off and left it on the desk at home. Oh well, I'll work on it & post it later on. Would like to check weather ahead, so I'll have to rely on the weather channel. Whoa, not looking good, possible snow showers ahead tomorrow. Well, I'll just deal as I go along.

Day Two.
Awoke at 5:00am Wed. and got everything together & packed back up. Took GunR out to do his duty and dangit if I didn't find snow on the ground & blowing all around. Better get stuff loaded and on the road! headed on East on 90 and had light rain, rain/snow mix, sleet, more rain/snow mix & foggy at times. WONDERFUL ! ! !
As I drove along toward Billings, I thought to myself, "What would the road conditions be going through the mountains on the 212 through the Indian Reservations"? I stopped in a rest area & looked at weather conditions ahead, asked the people staffing it what they knew, and was disappointed to learn there was blowing snow/rain & fog on ahead, although they told me the 212 was open & didn't expect it would be too bad. Hit Billings, gassed, got some stuff to eat, and headed on down to Hardin where I would pick up the 212 at the Custer Memorial where I had planned to stop & peruse the Monument as I had never done that in the past. Turned off on the 212, (stiil snowing/raning intermittantly) stopped at the Monument, paid homage to my relatives that had taken on the US Cavalry and won the battle, although the war was lost before they even began. Headed on east, ran into some really nasty blowing snow where visibility was about 50/60yds if that! kept truckin' on toward Spearfish SD, arrived there about 3:30pm and found that I90 was only about 9miles ahead. I rejoiced in that, hoping weather would improve, it did! I arrived in Rapid City SD about 20min's later, and it being not quite 4:00pm, I decided that it was too early to stop & continued on. As I was leaving RC, I saw that the temp was dropping, tuned the radio to a local station and they said SNOW was expected overnite, possibly up to 2/3in's. Great!!!
I arrived in Wall, SD and decided it was time to whoa it for the nite. Did the now usual routine with the GunR bud & Motel6 was again quite accomodating to us. I then got dinner & headed back to the motel, ran through my evening routine & again hit the sack at about 8:30 or so.

Day Three.
Awoke at 5:30, took GunR boy out to take care of business & found 3in's of snow blanketing everything around. OH BOY, what lay in store ahead? Got packed up again, got on the road at 6:00am, and found road conditions all right. The weather front that I travelled in all the previous day had passed on during the nite, leaving it white blanket everywhere except on the roads. Not too bad I reasoned and upped my speed to 75mph. Truckin' on down the road. Things are cool so far. The sun came up and I could see the clouds on off to the SE, but nothing directly ahead. I stopped in a couple of places (rest stops) and let GunR do his thing, stretched my legs and rested for about 10/15min's and then continued on. I also decided this would be my last day on the road. I had driven 13hrs on Tuesday, 11 1/2 on Wed, but this was looking to be @ 13/14hrs. But, it would be worth it! Kept on & stopped in Plankinton MN for gas (Last time), and continued on my way.
Called my daughter, and told her I would be at her place @ 8:00pm, and that she should have my G'son (who didn't know I was coming) answer the door when I rang the bell. I said I would stand with my back to the door & wait 'til he opened it before turning around & surprising him. Went on, and passed through Madison WI, where I found the drivers to be as crazy as those in Seattle. It must be some sort of Liberal thing where they all have to be, ME 1ST!!! What a bunch of rude drivers as any I've seen on the roads in Seattle. All must be thinking with their backsides up around their ears! Got on down to Janesville where I called my kid & told her where I was, and that I was getting off the highway onto the back country roads and arrival would be about like I thought, 8:00pm.
I rolled into their driveway just as the clock came up on 8;00 and went to the door. I rang the bell, turned my back to the door & waited. My G'son opened the door & I turned around & said, "HI Josh"! He was stunned! He stammered & stuttered for a moment then hollered, "Granpa"! We hugged, and the look on his face was priceless. Needless to say, he is my favorite boy, even though I have other G'kids.
Went on in & greeted my daughter & son-in-law. Had to relate my road adventures, had some dinner, visited a little, brought in my stuff to do me for the nite, and went on to bed.
I AM HERE!!! Wonderful. It was great to have the road trek behind me.

So, there you have it. My trek to WI went very well. My visit here will be a lengthy one as I haven't been able to visit in 3 years, and don't know if I'll be able to do it again in the future.
All my blog readers, I apologize for not posting very often in the last couple of years, but I've had some health issues I've had to deal with & find that I'm now a Super Senior Citizen. That's one that's 70+ for all you younger people. Get ready, you too are headed into the SSC category in your future, if you're lucky!


Thursday, October 01, 2009

Well guys, here ya are, I'm gonna add a verse or two to my almost defunct blogging log.

Been sorta busy, had a medical problem the first of the year, and recovery time & shooting kept me away from the mad computer monster. I just really had a bad time trying to just sit down & key anything in at all. At times I wondered if all the hassle & bullshit I was going through was worth it.

Well, I do have to say YES to that! It has been pretty well worth it, and has led me off in somewhat of a different direction. I no longer live to go to the range. It's just one of many activities that I'm involved in at the present. I never figured that I would enjoy getting out & just walking. I step out to the tune of about 18/20 miles a week. Then I got really out in orbit & began working out on a Bow-Flex which I find I really enjoy. So that is what occupies me most of the time along with taking my DoggieDogBoy GunR to the Bark Park so he can get some exercise & socialization time with all his dog friends. Takes up a lot of my time. I've gotten to where shooting the match on a weekend is my practice time so I've not done real well in the shooting arena this year. I bypassed Ephrata & Couer de Alene matchs this year and have just shot our locals as I could. There was nothing really exciting in any of my shoots, I just sort of putted along & said "Oh Well", next time I might do better, but it was fun anyway.

I'm getting GunR & myself ready for a trip to the Midwest & then on down through Arkansas to my sons, & end up in Texas at my older daughters in late January or early Feb. I probably won't be back on the Island until the first to mid part of March. I'm going to make a real "TREK" out of it, spend some time with my kids, Grandkids & yes, GGKids too. Damn!!! Time has a way of just slipping out from under you, and you end up just another OlFart puttsin down the last days of time.

I will do more to get some "Blog" time in for those that still check my page now & again. I haven't been real motivated toward computer time this past year, it seems I didn't even check my EMail at times & would end up with 75/80 'New" ems evary time I did look to see what was there. Pain in the butt from all those "SPAMMERS" out there.

'Nuff for the moment, ScottS shamed me into doing this one tonite, but it could be another week or so when I've hit my kids place in Wisconsin.